Welcome to the Homepage of Michael Galde. I am a professor in the Cyber Operations program at the University of Arizona, and this is my tiny slice of the internet.

Welcome to the Mind of Michael Galde

I started reverse engineering as a young adult and have developed a passion for malware analysis and am fascinated by how effective malware can be with minor tweaks.

Malware Analysis and mitigation development

I teach network Analysis and help unlock the mysteries of networking protocols. Unfortunately, I cannot make the internet safe by my will alone, so I teach my skills and lend my experience to eager students who will take on the dark corners of the internet I am unable to monitor. I also have many scripts available on my GitHub and have a simple Honeypot project I would love for you to review.

Network Analysis

I have a passion for malware and love networking, but my primary research focus has been on ICS security, combining my skills. Critical infrastructure is the glue that holds society together, and the dangers posed by these systems are increasing every day. My mission is to ensure these systems are always secure through my research projects and mitigation developments.

Industrial Network System Security (ICS)